The Art Of Mushin Meditation Course Ahashare

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The Art of Shodo Blog focuses on using Japanese brush calligraphy as moving meditation. It is dedicated to the memory of the late Kobara Ranseki Sensei, founder of Ranseki Sho Juku calligraphic art.

Zen and the Art of Meditation Maintenance.

Abby Terris, or Mushin, is one of the founding members of the Corvallis circle, and continues to provide leadership.

Musings on Mushin: Karate’s Equivalent of Mindfulness. By.

is applied in something known as “mushin”.

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Mushin, translated as “no-mind” or “empty mind”, is a state where the mind is not preoccupied by any thought or emotion. It is empty in the sense that it is unbiased, free and adaptable.

Mushin is a pillar of Zen Buddhist tradition and literally translates to “mind without mind.” This doesn’t glorify an ‘empty’ mind, but rather one that is completely aware and present. Mushin is a mental state that seasoned practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu might enter frequently.