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How to Tackle Something You Have No Idea How to Do. by.

Get Rid of Your Negative Outlook. When you’re tasked with something new and difficult, your first thought is likely, “I can’t do this.” I’ve been there.

Being tasked with an unfamiliar project can be incredibly daunting, but when you approach it with a positive attitude.

In this episode, Devi chats with Christine Kloser about how to "Get Your Book Done". Christine is an international speaker on the topic of transformational authorship, and transformational leadership.

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Author and writing coach Christine Kloser,

Get Your Book Done.

That book, entitled Inspiration to Realization, made the 2005 Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top reads for women, and soon other women were begging Kloser for help in writing a book of their own. Inspired to create a company that would help people write transformational books, Kloser designed the Get Your Book Done process.