Getting The Money Program – How To Raise Private Capital For Real Estate

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My point is that no matter what your focus is in real estate investing, from single-family houses to multifamily properties to commercial deals, you have to keep your eye on the ball. In this case, the ball is raising private capital and finding your next deals.

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Tips on Raising Private Money for Big Projects. By Adam Davis. It’s one thing to talk about getting private money for single family house flips.

raising $50k, $100k.

up to the $250k range. But it’s quite another to raise capital for bigger deals, like apartment buildings or commercial real estate.

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The way to raising private money for real estate investing should be more commonly understood. There are many educators out there that would love to teach you how to raise private money.

some of it’s good advice, some.

not so good, but regardless of whose advice you do take.

none of it will work unless you follow these 5 rules.

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Raise Private Money: Similar to a hard money lender, you may be able to find wealthier individuals who want to earn more on their investments than the stock market or a savings account can pay. Many real estate investors will offer their clients a set 12-20% return on their investment, secured by a lien on the property.

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When you’re planning to raise capital for estate endeavors — unless you’re dealing.