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Gain the Edge is the leading service provider for the personal growth, business coaching and direct response marketing industry. We provide Done-For-You sales teams & launch systems, helping our clients to generate 7-figure launches and sustainable sales strategies.

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Deal-making strategies to sell high-end services, products, coaching, consulting or advising services in person, from stage or with online video with 7-figure consultant Ed Rush who will show you how to influence, persuade, sell and close deals without being salesy, slimy or out of integrity, character or changing who you are.

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– How to win over dream clients who can’t wait to pay you (without being icky, pushy, or salesy) You’re an action-taker. You don’t sit around chit-chatting about what you “should” do. You just need a recipe to get started. This is your recipe. No guesswork. No learning curve. Just money in your bank.

Get proven tactics for influencing clients to hire you in just about any situation, without ever sounding “salesy.” Learn my “Pepperoni Pizza Approach” for getting clients excited about working with you.

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without being a “salesy”, with this unique sales training program for beginners.

even if you’re shy or.

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