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The cognitive battery assessed speed of processing, attention, memory, language and EF. Both EF and memory were correlated with gait speed under dual task conditions, whereas verbal IQ was not. Those authors suggested that gait in the elderly is a complex task requiring higher control of executive processing and memory.

As relationships function as powerful sources of both pleasure and pain, the motivation to maintain close relationships may include positive motives such companionship, love, and intimacy, but avoidance motives (avoiding potential threats, such as rejection, conflict, and betrayal) also play a role.

of course. In the preceding research, the.

I’m joined by my very special guest, Carolin Hauser-Carson, a naturopath doctor, humanistic psychotherapist, and family constellations facilitator. She’s the.

and how to create a high vibrational state. To learn more about your own Pleasure IQ, go to Carolin’s website,

Having completed extensive studies in the Grief Recovery Method.

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